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Last updated -
30th August 2004


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  • New Pictures Added

New pictures from the Aston Villa match have been added. Thanks to Chris for letting us post his digital pictures.

To see the new pics select pictures under the Belfast Branch heading at the top.

If you have any pictures from previous matches or events please forwarded them to Alfie Bell via the e-mail link on this page or at a meeting.

  • Next Meeting

The next club meeting will take place on 1st September 2004

  • Web Site Facelift

Many changes are currently happening to the club's website. No stone will be unturned, no page untouched. So please tell us what you think. It doesn't take long, just select Forum under Belfast Branch at the top, and drop us a note.


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Next Meeting - 1st September 2004 - Check out the News webpage under branch for the latest club announcements


Welcome to the City of Belfast Leeds United Supporters Club Web site. We hope that this site has the information that you require, but if its not here then let us know. The title menu bar has all the links to other pages, so browse around and let us know what you think.

Deep Thoughts - With footballers and Pundits


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